The Benefits of a Let to Buy Mortgage

Moving home but don’t want to sell? A Let to Buy Mortgage could be the option for you.

The quandary of parting with a property which has held a place in your heart is a problematic one. It may be that the time has come to downsize (or upsize), either way, saying goodbye to a house full of memories is uncomfortable for many. Other people have a more financial attachment to a property, making them unwilling to sell.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, try a let to buy mortgage deal.

Let to Buy – Keep your home, rent it out & use the capital towards a new property

As ‘generation rent’ struggle to escape their landlords, and fail to get their footing firmly placed onto the property ladder, the letting market continues to boom. The ‘Buy to Let’ market has really evolved over the last few years, and the lesser known ‘Let to Buy’ is steadily catching it up. We have more about the differences between the two and how they work but for now let’s focus on the benefits of a let to buy mortgage.

Let to buy mortgages allow homeowners to rent out their current home through raising a new mortgage and using the extra cash to purchase a new property to live in.

Another reason people opt for a let to buy mortgage is because they are wanting to move but cannot sell their current property, or would prefer to keep it. Suitably, this helps those who perhaps need to relocate for work commitments but know one day they will want to return to their original home.

Financially, there are some significant gains to be made, as long as you don’t trip up along the way.

Benefits of a Let to Buy Mortgage – Sky High Rent

It’s not exactly breaking news to learn that the current climate in the rental market is red hot. With high demand for rental properties and tenants willing to part with the increasing rental demand, now is a good a time as any to capitalise.

Benefits of a Let to Buy Mortgage  – Property Value

By choosing the let to buy route, it will mean that you have a property portfolio of at least two properties. It’s good news if the property market continues to rise because you’ll benefit from the price growth of your properties. Having said that, it may be detrimental if the market swings the other way.

Benefits of a Let to Buy Mortgage  – Tax Bill

There’s more good news about let to buy mortgages, as the interest payments on the loan for the home you are renting out can be offset against rent to reduce your income tax bill.

Let to buy mortgages offer tax breaks too. Traditionally, with ‘Buy to Let’ you have to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT), if you’re making waves of extra cash when you come to sell your property. However, if you the property you are renting has ever been your home (which through the let to buy route, it will have been) you can get huge reductions on your CGT bill, if you ever chose to sell which is better known as Private Residence Relief.

Let to Buy Mortgages

It’s always advisable to speak to a mortgage broker like MortgageKey to iron out the finer details of the let to buy mortgage process.

Although there are many benefits to this mortgage product, not everyone will qualify or find it as successful. This process till requires financial checks, securing tenants and organising the right deal financially.

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